Testimonials: What the parents say

“We have had a very good experience with Ilford Tuition. It built on their school work, accelerating their development. In Particular our Tutor Raadia was very responsive and helped cater the work to our children’s needs. Thank You.”

“My child is in top set this term. At the parents meeting the teacher mentioned that they can see how much Anabia has improved. Thanks to Ilford Tuition.”

“We have had a wonderful experience at Ilford Tuition. Raadia is very organised and plans every lesson for my daughter constructively.”

“Ilford Tuition has helped Alexei build good foundations for Maths and English. He has been attending since September 2011 and I can see that he is doing a year
ahead work. The programme used for Alexei has been well structured and beneficial. Thank You.”

“My Child has achieved Level 5 for his SATS. Thanks to Raadia and her team.”

“Since coming to Ilford Tuition my children have become more confident in their approach to Maths and English. The work helps them get used to the comprehension type questions and problem solving questions which are important for 11+.
The friendly approach here is what I like the most.”

Testimonials: What the students say

“Ilford Tuition has helped me become more independent. I understand what I’m taught in class and I regularly complete my homework. This is all helping me with my school work.”

“I have come to Ms Fatimas class since Reception and at the moment I am doing Fractions and divisions with remainders. I used to struggle with these things but I have improved now.”

“I have attended Ilford Tuition since Reception. I feel it helped build good foundations for my 11+ prep. I felt confident to do the exams. I passed the Grammar schools, Ilford County, QE, CSSE, KEGS and Kent. I also passed my exams for the Independent schools. City of London, Haberdashers’ and Bancroft’s.”

“I came here since Year 3. Now I am in year 5. I have just covered Probability and am doing Instructional writing. I have covered lots of topics more than I do at school. I like this Tuition because every week at school I do mental Maths tests and I get full marks and also for English I get top marks. All this work has helped me a lot. Thank You Mrs Fatima.”

“I have learnt all my times tables and I also know how to change fractions to the lowest terms and to percentages.”

I have been taught by Raadia and she explains the work so that you understand.
The other teachers also explain things clearly. Coming here regularly has helped me move to the top set at school. Thank You

Testimonials: What the professionals say

“What these programmes do is directly address learning styles and so programmes can be tailored to meet individual needs.”

“A very structured programme. Short exercises involving instant feedback and plenty of variety. Guaranteed success.”


Redbridge Central Library, Gloucester Room, Clements Road, Ilford, IG1 1EA

Classes are held every Saturday at Ilford Central Library between 11am and 1pm.


The Drive Hall, The Drive Methodist Church, The Drive, Ilford, IG1 3PP

Classes are held every Wednesday at The Drive Hall between 5:00- 6:30pm.